Entry: Job Search Solutions - Final Comments Sunday, March 19

JobStuff Readers: I could write more about Tony Beshara's book, The Job Search Solution - but in a way, I have since starting this blog. Hmmm - was Tony reading my blog? At one time I thought of writing a Career Transition book - and if I did - this would have been the book.

Tony lists the Top Ten Reasons why People have trouble finding a job. I'll list '3' that resonate strongly with me (buy the book to learn the others -- and how to get past these "walls".

  • People don't make finding a job a "job" itself!  (#1)
  • People don't acknowledge the psychological and emotional stress that changing jobs entail.  (#4)
  • People don't sell themselves in interviews. (#8)

One final note - and then on to how you can get my copy of Tony's book for free.

Tony offers a seminar where he takes participants through much of what is in this book, like a boot camp. It is pricey at $499, and is not something I recommend. I think you can gain much of what you need to know through his book and other sources, such as this blog and many others. Unless your company is paying for such a service, I would do the research first before spending your money.

Now, I will be pleased to mail this book to you (USA only please). Please send me an email - letting me know your current job search challenges and provide a piece of advice that is worth sharing to others seeking a new career. The best advice and situation will get the book. The decision of the judge is final...   Stephen

PS: Or order Tony Beshara's book, The Job Search Solution from Amazon today.


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