Entry: Cover Letters; revisited Monday, February 6

The resume blasting seems to have stopped; however all these "C" level cover letters and resumes in my inbox (27) provided me with an opportunity to revisiting this important nuance of your job search. The following are a few quick points to keep in mind when writing a cover letter:

  • Address the needs of the recipient - give the reader a sense that you have done your homework. Let the reader know how you received their name (referral) and how you can be of benefit to his company (two paragraphs).
  • Keep the cover letter brief; two strong paragraphs and a call to action are more than most readers have time to read.
  • Call to action should be specific, which could include a suggested time that you will call to set a brief phone appointment.
  • Spell & grammar check! Let another person read your cover letter (and resume); since it is true that writers do not make good editors.

Every cover letter that I received from these "C" level career seekers had problems in one or more of these areas. And many violated all four - and these were from seasoned well experienced executives.

Remember, the cover letter is your first opportunity to call attention to your value proposition. Failing to make a positive first impression, starting with your first sentence, and your resume will never be reviewed.


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Cover Letters are a key differentiator in the job process and are often overlooked. A cover letter should not repeat what you have in your resume, but call out impactful details to entice the reader to want to read more and meet you.

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