Entry: Job Search Solutions - The Book Wednesday, March 15

Jobstuff readers: as the author of this blog, I often get books sent to me about job search techniques. Most are rehashes of what we all know. I practice the "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it". However, when I do find a book or service that has merit, I am willing to sing it's praise.

"The Job Search Solution" by Tony Beshara is a good book on this important topic. It reminds me of "What Color is your Parachute", but with more practical advice and suggestions for the active job seeker. Tony provides assessments and exercises (this the Parachute similarity), but also takes you through the experiences of Jeff (laid off from his job) and his wife Amy. Tony recognizes the affect of unemployment on the spouse.  

As I read the book, many of my own experiences leaped out at me - as was the advice I received from others. I have shared some of these in this blog - but will do so over the next few entries as it relates to Tony's book. It is that important.

Here is a quote that resonates well if you are in the early stages of career transition (and we've discussed this before):

"If you let conditions stop you from working, they'll always stop you"; James T. Farrell (Page 12). In other words, life happens - get over it and move on. Actually what Tony is suggesting is to get over the distress of losing your job, put things in perspective - pick yourself up off the ground - dust yourself off - and move forward again. Readers of Jobstuff know that in 2001, I was out of work for over a year - and am very much back into the job scene and in a much better place. You will be also!

On page 80, Jeff and Amy discuss how they figured it was going to be relatively easy to get a new job - and found that this was not true. Hmmm sounds familiar.

Over the next few days we'll dive into a few select areas of Tony Beshara' book - and then I'll figure out a way to give my copy away to someone that needs it more than me. Click here if you want to buy this very good career transition book or on the Jobstuff bookcase.

PS: don't email me yet about acquiring this book... please.


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